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Win a set of Continental tyres from


We’d like to inform you that we have decided to extend the Tyre Challenge competition until 22.11.2023! 🎯

Announcement of winners: 23.11.2023.

Prove that you are the fastest at tyre changing!
Register for the contest, live stream your wheel-changing abilities on social media and
share it using #tyrechallenge & #mytyres

The main prize is a set of Continental tyres, with you choosing the size. But that’s not all! We have prepared other special prizes for those who will impress with their considerably interesting and appreciated videos. These additional prizes are each generously provided by Continental to ensure that you receive top quality.

It’s worth a try, take our word for it!

Competition Rules

Create original, creative and interesting content!
We will take these aspects into consideration, along with the speed of changing the wheel.
We start counting the speed of the change at the moment you touch the front-left wheel with a wrench and stop counting once you finish changing.
The winners will be chosen after checking every eligible entry by the Delticom and Continental teams.

Anyone can win with a little bit of commitment.

By changing your wheels, you set a symbolic sign for traffic safety for the upcoming season; you show how important it is to change your wheels responsibly and on time. You can have fun and win if you are also very good and fast at changing wheels.

Don’t forget to add the hashtag #tyrechallenge #mytyres to your live stream and to the published video afterwards. Without these two hashtags, we won’t be able to award or even consider you in the competition.

Livestream and post the video with the mandatory hashtag #tyrechallenge #mytyres after pre-registering in the contest. We will contact you if you are a winner.

The steps of the competition are:

Registrations are open until: 22.11.2023.

The contest ends on: 22.11.2023.

Announcement of winners: 23.11.2023.

1. Sign up for the competition by filling in all the required information here. You will have to subscribe to our newsletter in order to sign up.

2. Start a live stream on social media with the hashtags #tyrechallenge #mytyres in the description. After you end the live stream, make sure to save and publish the video. Make sure that the hashtags are in the description.

3. Get as many likes, shares and comments as possible for your video!

4. 1st placeThe fastest contestant who changes the tire – wins a set of Continental tyres in size entered in step 1
2nd placeThe most shared video on social media – wins a powerbank
3rd place – The most liked video on social media – wins a thermos bottle

The winners will be contacted by the Tyre Challenge team to discuss details regarding the prize delivery.

*The Competition is valid only for persons residing in the UK; respectively, the prizes will be delivered only to addresses on UK territory.

If you’re not familiar with posting a video on social media, don’t worry. Here are all the instructions you need to follow. It’s really easy and only takes a few seconds:

Have fun with friends, family or alone, film it all and you could win!

What do you need to know about Tyre Challenge?

The Tyre Challenge was organised for the first time in 2017 in several European countries at the same time as a physical event and has become a traditional game with prizes and a strong social aspect of road safety awareness.

The competition is run online with the support of Continental and Delticom.



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